Talks on Basel and Switzerland

Roche Basel / JAMIX International Communication Services ‘Switzerland – A surprising Success Story` or ‘William Tell and all that’
(Foto: Wladyslaw Sojka

How did a little group of states in a mountainous area in the middle of Europe with few natural resources, very poor until not much more than a century ago become one of the world’s most successful and richest countries?
That is the subject of an hour-long talk, part of Basel City’s program of Welcome and Introduction for the significant expat. community. It takes you from the story of William Tell to today’s world leading pharmaceutical industry represented by Hoffmann- La Roche’s Building Nr. 1, the highest in the land.

Jakob speaking to Viking River Cruise audience
Presentation on Switzerland to US audiences on Viking River Cruise ships
Switzerland seminar 2013
Switzerland seminar 2014
Switzerland seminar 2012
Switzerland Seminar at Syngenta 16.01.2014

I would be very happy to give my Talk on Switzerland to you too. I charge CHF 300 and any travel expenses by public transport. For a booking please go to contact.

Basel / JAMIX International Communication Services ‘Basel – Small but Cosmopolitan’ & Virtual City Tour
This is a presentation about Basel geared towards the city canton’s many immigrant organisations and supported by the Basel City Office for Diversity and Integration. The second part is a virtual Walk through Basel which sometimes leads to a repetition on foot in the reality of the city itself.

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