The following comments were received from a group of parents of the International School of Basel in Summer 2012

  • Loved it!
  • Fun and interesting!
  • I really enjoyed the walk and Jakob was fantastic - entertaining and informative - the weather played ball too!! Will definitely recommend.
  • Both my mother and myself enjoyed the walk a great deal and give it the highest marks. I have been on other walks around round Basel but learned more and enjoyed Jakob giving the tour. He was full of pearls of information i.e. “it is impolite to point.” and telling us about history and anecdotes about Basel, the culture & people etc…I want to know more about the lectures and talks he has offered to present at ISB.
  • Jakob was so enthusiastic and passionate about Basel it made the tour very good and I learnt a lot!

November 2013

By engaging Jakob as our Tour Guide on a 'Walk through Basel', we were able to focus on enjoying ourselves !
Jakob's knowledge, patience and flexibility made it possible for us to discover some fascinating scenes and explore the art and history of Basel.
We credit Jakob's easy going manner and expertise for giving us lasting memories of Basel.
Thank you for showing us some places we would never have found on our own. His great sense of humour and personality are a significant asset to BaselConnect.


Allan Maclean expat in Basel from Scotland

Reinach, Basel-Landschaft - April, 2014

Hallo Jakob,

Here’s a testimonial to the great work you did with the tours. Once again, I’d like to thank you for your organization and adaptation to the group

We booked two tours of Basel with Jakob for children aged 12-13 from the International School of the Basel Region. The tour was to be in German which these international students study at school. The students thoroughly enjoyed the tour, which covered the main points of interest in the town centre. Jakob’s delivery of information was clear and appropriate for the age group, keeping them engaged and curious the whole way round. The facts were interesting and made for a fun way to discover more about Basel. I would highly recommend Jakob as a tour guide, both for this age group and for adults, as the accompanying staff on the trip also learned a great deal!


Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

International School Basel
Fiechten Campus
Fiechtenweg 72
4153 Reinach

Dear Jakob

Thank you ever so kindly for the tour. You are really very good at what you do.
I would have loved to be one of your students. You make simple things look extraordinary.
Thanks so much for the photos.

Warm thanks and regards.

Naricia Pepler, on a business visit to Basel from South Africa

12th June, 2014

The tour was great indeed!!!
Thanks ☺

Orestis Papadopoulos
Stavros Ntogiakos
2 young Greek expats in Basel

May 2016

Dear Jacob
I would like to let you know that the group was so happy and impressed with your tour guidance!
They enjoyed every moment and would like to pass a special thank you to you with the note “1529” .
Thank you very much for making this event so special and I’d love to ask for your tour guide passion service again if future wishes so…
Kind regards
Tillotts Pharma AG, Rheinfelden

June 2016

Dear Jakob,

We have to thank YOU!
We got to enjoy a real gift with your presentation and the tour in the streets of Basel.  Everybody has loved your explanations and ....your keen sense of humour. You were simply fantastic!
I am sure that you and this event will be remembered for a long time by all of us!

Warmest regards and


Isabelle Valibus
Chair of the Professional Women's Group of Basel (

Januar 2017

Lieber Jakob
Wir haben den Samstag mit dir sehr genossen und deswegen möchten wir uns nochmal bei dir bedanken. Auch die Freiwillige Mitarbeiter und Stiftungsräte hatten einen schönen Nachmittag mit dir. Es war informativ und lustig. Wie du versprochen hattest. Super!
Dürfen wir uns wieder bei dir melden wenn wir einen speziellen Anlass haben?
Liebe Grüsse
Carla und Nina
Ronald McDonald Haus Basel


Dear Wendy and Jakob,
Thank you very much for the exceptional city tour. Jakob found the right mix between historical and actual information. This in combination with interesting anecdotes made the event entertaining and time passed very quickly.
The after-tour-beer gave the right platform for a cheerful roundup of the afternoon.
Thanks a lot for your efforts and good company.
Kind regards,

Dear Wendy and Jakob,
It was really a great walk! I hope that there is more to come!
Thank you,

Milene Rodmann

August 2018

Lieber Jakob

Deine Stadtführung hat Eindruck hinterlassen, das Datum der Reformation sitzt….die Prüfung folgt. Ein ganz grosses Dankeschön von unserer Seite für Dein Engagement. Einmal mehr durften wir von Deinem profunden Stadtkenntnissen profitieren. Gerne wieder!

Herzliche Grüsse


Ronald McDonald Haus Basel

Hallo Jakob
Möchte mich für deine interessante und sehr kurzweilige Führung in Basel von Herzen bedanken.
Die Zeit verging im Fluge und Petrus hat sich auch zurückgehalten.
Du kannst mit deiner unkomplizierten und lustigen Art die Zuhörer wirklich für die Geschichte begeistern.
Nochmals ganz herzlichen Dank für Alles.

Januar 2019 – Führung für VeloVaria Gruppe

Lieber Amadé (Jakob)
Vielen Dank für diese schöne Erinnerung an eine interessante, lustige Führung durch unser geliebtes Basel.
Mach weiter so !!
Herzliche Grüsse
Therese Kunz, Muttenz

Lieber Amadeus (Jakob),
Ich möchte Dir nochmals für die interessante, abwechslungsreiche Führung um den Münsterhügel danken. Du machst das hervorragend! Ich habe jetzt doch einige Dinge erfahren, die ich noch nicht (oder nicht mehr) wusste.

Salli liebe Amadé (Jakob),
I möchte Dr ganz härzlig dangge! Di Fierig ums Basler Münschter isch absoluti Schpitze gsy!
Du hesch uns mit vyyl Wisse, mit Humor, gueter und verständliger Stimm, luschtig, schlagfertig,
aifach baslerisch . . . . Verborges und Nitbeachtets im e klaine Egge vo unserer Stadt zeigt.
Die Schtaibrögge im Untergrund und dr Plan vo dr uralte Stadt uff em Hügel isch natürlig e Hit gsy!
Es het begaischteret und regt aa zum Wytterläse in «Basler Geschichte»!
Und zletsch isch es no e gueti Idee und glatt gsy im Mövepick!
Liebi Griessli!